Chelsea and their youthful side just could not get anything from the game after a very frustrating match for the Coach, Fans and their players. Both teams went into this game having lost their Champions League matches on Tuesday.


Just Sunday night the Premier League game saw Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, hosted Liverpool who are the league leader. Liverpool came away from the game victorious, after a 2-1 win over Frank Lampard's blues, who will go away extremely disappointed with the result.

Liverpool got things underway at Stamford Bridge and started off the better of the two sides, however, it was Liverpool who got the scoring underway in the 12th minute. Liverpool had a free kick after Mane was downed by Christensen in the penalty arc and a free kick was given. Alexander-Arnold took the free kick and struck the ball coolly and confidently into the top corner, after it bent round Jorginho and into the back of the net. An important goal that put Liverpool in the lead early on.


Emerson came off straight after the goal due to injury and was replaced by Alonso. The second goal came in the 26th minute, this time from Chelsea!

Chelsea thought that they had equalised after a goal from Azpilicueta. Willian had a shot, then it looked like it would have been an own goal as Liverpool nearly slotted it in their own net and then Azpilicueta finished it off. However, the goal was VAR checked, for Mason Mount being offside in the original pass to Willian and the goal was disallowed. 

3 minutes later, disaster struck for Chelsea as Liverpool doubled their lead, from a second set piece. Firmino headed the ball into the back of the net from the free kick and Liverpool doubled their lead. Things really hadn't been going Chelsea's way after the disallowed goal and then Liverpool making it even more difficult for them to get something out of the game

More problems occurred for Chelsea when they had to make their second substitution in the 41st minute of the game due to another injury. Christiensen went down after clearing a shot and had to receive treatment, but decided he couldn't play on. Kurt Zouma came on as his replacement.


Half time at Stamford Bridge saw Chelsea fall behind by 2 goals. Chelsea finished off this half strongly, but needed to get the next goal if they wanted to stay in the game against the league leaders. It was all still to play for.

In the second half, Chelsea came out with a lot more motivation and drive and were by far the better side. Jurgen Klopp was not happy as his team looked very sloppy in the second half and Chelsea looked very threatening. Then they got a goal in the 70th minute. Kante ran through the Liverpool defence and slotted the ball coolly in the top corner from the edge of the box. That goal was needed and put Chelsea back into the game.

The rest of half was just about Liverpool trying to hold on to their lead and not let Chelsea get a point out of the game. There was shot after shot but nothing happened and the game ended 1-2 to the visitors. There will be a lot of frustration from Frank Lampard. That wasn't Liverpool's greatest performance but they held on and got the result that they wanted.



Full time saw Liverpool make it 15 Premier League wins in a row.

Chelsea still without a home win and their 2nd loss in 5 days at Stamford Bridge.